Virus Protection

Virus & Spyware removal in Montreal for home and businesses 


Corporate network packages available.


If you get virus don’t be a panic.

1) The most important you need to do is SAVE (backup) important information from the Hard Drive.

*even if your hard drive is destroyed and operation system is not functioning Dani Master steel can save and recover hard drive data all your information.

How to remove the virus from the computer after an attack or how to get a clean computer after a virus attack.

Work time requirement: 1-3 Hours


The Virus can be removed from:

  • Hard Drive virus removal
  • Flash Ram virus removal
  • CD/DVD media virus removal
  • I-Phone virus removal
  • I-Pod virus removal
  • MP3 Player virus removal
  • Photo Camera virus removal

In some cases after a virus attack, the operation system is fully damaged. At Dani Master, we have all tools to recover all your important information and save it for you to the fully new Windows.

windows Work only with Microsoft Operation System.

What is Spyware ?

Free Tips for better Internet Security protection

There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that you have an adequate computer virus and malware protection. This includes computer virus removal software as well as some safety measures that you, the user, should have in place. Some tips for top-notch computer virus protection include:

Backup your files:
Don’t forget to save and backup all your important information on DVD media or other media sources. Do your backup today right now! Before it can be too late.
Purchase computer virus removal software: Computer virus protection is a huge issue in the technology industry, and computer virus protection program sales are at an all-time high. Before you go online or even launch operating software on your machine, you should purchase some kind of computer virus protection.Most recommended Anti-virus programs: Kaspersky Antivirus Security, ESET NOD 32, COMODO
Best product ever –  COMODO it’s word company that provides free Security for website (SSL).
Use free windows cleanup program: CCleaner
Regularly clean all your temporary files and the history files, that you receive from the internet includes cookies and more.

Never download from sites/email/friends you cannot trust: This is one of the most common ways that computer users unknowingly infect their systems. Downloading software from websites or accepting email attachments that are unfamiliar to you is the easiest way to allow viruses to sneak onto your computer. Before you even realize what has happened, not only can your system be infected, but you can pass along the infection to clients, friends, and family. No one needs the guilt that comes with unwittingly causing harm to others.

Tip for Preventing Virus Infection: Be sure to read all of the fine print before you download anything from a site you do not know. And never open an attachment from an unrecognized sender.

Do a sweep of your hard drive on a regular basis: Use your computer virus removal software to do a sweep of your hard drive at least once a week. This helps to protect you from new viruses that may have been released since the last time you scanned your system. Your computer virus protection software will root out these viruses during this scan. You can even schedule scans to take place while you sleep, so no productivity time is lost when you need your computer performing at its peak.

By following the steps outlined here, you’ll go a long way towards keeping your system clean from not only viruses but also adware and spyware, which can be just as harmful as any virus or trojan. In many instances, criminals use spyware and adware to steal your identity or for use in some other illegal way. The benefits of using computer virus removal software go beyond protecting simple data from criminals in the online world, they protect your identity in the offline, real world.

Plan Ahead So Viruses Don’t Catch You Off Guard

Use Updated Computer Virus Protection Software: Perhaps you are thinking, “If the software is so good, why does it need to be upgraded?” New viruses are created at an astounding rate. Therefore, for antiviral software to be effective, it has to constantly be updated. This is why it’s essential to purchase computer virus removal software from reputable vendors, such as CyberDefender. They provide free antiviral software updates as often as necessary.

Practice Safe Browsing Habits: Installing antivirus software is not a license to practice risky browsing. It’s prudent to ignore and delete emails from unknown senders, without opening them. In fact, many email programs now allow you to set up your inbox to divert emails you haven’t whitelisted to a junk box. Then, clean out that junk box regularly.

Also, don’t download files from unknown senders. Only download what is absolutely necessary, and then only from reputable, trusted sites. Not sure which sites to trust? CyberDefender’s got you covered. The free MyIdentityDefender™ Toolbar rates sites from green (go!) to red (stop!), as well as letting you and other users contribute your own ratings. With information like that, you’re more likely to avoid dangerous websites.

These are a few of the basic steps you can take to proactively prevent your system from becoming infected. And, if it does, rely on computer virus protection software from a reputable manufacturer to clean your system keep it healthy. Downloading CyberDefender is the first step to keeping online threats at bay.

* Operation System – We will install only licensed operation system you will provide to us, or you can buy from DaniMaster new operation system.
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