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Assessment 3

1. Which group of reports includes data about app screens, interactions within a screen, and the crashes and exceptions users encounter?

Audience reports
Acquisition reports
Behavior reports
Conversion reports

2. Google Analytics screen tracking collects the following data:

(select all that apply)

How many times users click buttons on specific screens
The name of each screen that users view
Which buttons users click within specific screens
How many times users view each screen

3. What Google Analytics tracking feature can you use to track specific interactions within a screen of your app?

Screen tracking
Event tracking
Crashes & Exceptions
Enhanced Ecommerce

4. When tracking an event, we recommend you set up at least these three parameters:

Label, Value, and Category
Action, Label, and Value
Category, Value, and Label
Category, Action, and Label

5. If a user clicks a button with event tracking 4 times in one session and 4 times in another session, the total number of Unique Events will be counted as:

1 Unique Event
2 Unique Events
4 Unique Events
8 Unique Events

6. Why is it important to be selective when choosing which events to track?

(select all that apply)

You might bias where users click in your app
You might exceed Google Analytics data collection limits for a session
You want to avoid incomplete session data
You can only track 10 unique event categories with Google Analytics

7. Custom Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics allow you to:

Change the default dimension/metric names in your Google Analytics reports
Collect data that’s not automatically captured through Google Analytics
Upload your own user behavior data to Google Analytics
Predict how much money users will spend in your app

8. Which of the following are examples of dimensions?

(select all that apply)

Mobile Device
Bounce Rate
New Visits
Screen Resolution

9. Which of the following are examples of metrics?

(select all that apply)

Time on Page
Operating System
Session Duration

10. Enhanced Ecommerce reports can show:

(select all that apply)

The names of top selling products
The revenue from each product
The reason a user returned a product
The percentage of shopping cart drop-offs


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