SEO Process

1. Requirements Gathering
You can simply email us at a quick message and a Dani Master representative will contact you as soon as possible. For those who wish to give us an in depth scope of your business/website and it’s needs, please continue filling out as many of the questions as applicable.
At this point we will contact you and begin a free consultation gathering in depth knowledge about your website and your needs. After our initial contact, we will proceed by running an initial report on your website.

2. Initial Report:

The initial SEO Report is included in all plans and part of the requirements gathering process.
There are more than 200 Google factors  we are taking for consideration and checking for your site.
The review looks at the following elements of your site and how they impact it’s compatibility with search engines:
  • HTML design and validation
  • Page copy (Body Text) and unique content
  • Meta tags Optimization
  • Title, META Description, META Keywords
  • Targeted Keywords and competitor analysis
  • Sitemap (Site navigation structure) XML,HTML,RSS
  • Web Pages load time – Speed
  • Problem Links and 404 pages
  • Page URLs , broken links and validate
  • Directory structure and proper page-rank
  • File extensions and 301 redirects
  • Robots Tag normalizing
  • ALT Image Tags and image site map
  • Back Links (Link Popularity) and Social Media Impact
(The 7 following steps are the most generic and common First steps taken by DaniMaster however please note, these are only for example purpose as each client has a unique SEO campaign)

3. Keywords
Research and Consultation. We use the most advanced Keyword research software to discover what your prime keywords should be, and what keywords your
Competitors are using. Dani Master will find out who your target market is, where they are located geographically, and what words they are typing into the search engines to find YOU. We then take these much researched keywords and cross reference them through many search engines This narrows down the choices to 4 keywords/phrases per page. Keyword research and consulting is one of the most important aspects of SEO marketing, and it takes a well grounded, competent organization to choose the correct target audience. Dani Master will not let you down!

4. Meta Tags
As we integrate the chosen keywords, we will build custom Title Tags and Meta Tags for each page being optimized. Each page you want to show up in the search engine (yes, besides your homepage) needs to have unique targeted keywords/phrases, title tag, meta tags, and body text. This allows a person who is searching for your services/products in the search engine, to be able to access your site through multiple pages. Having 10 pages indexed in the search engines, as opposed to just your homepage, will increase your traffic significantly. If you are in E-Commerce, imagine having every single page that contains a different product indexed in the search engines! Multiple entry points to your website are essential. The Title and Meta tags are known to place heavy weight on how search engines index your site.

5. Web site Copy writing
Each page you want to be individually indexed by search engines needs to have a certain amount of body text on it. The body text is crawled through by the search engine “spiders” and plays a heavy role in how they index that page. In order to make your body text search engine compatible we will integrate the proper keywords where needed. This includes adding keywords , key phrases, synonyms, and creating entirely new body text for those pages that have too little or no body text at all. That’s right, if you have pages with flash and graphics only… you are missing out!!! Our copywriting skills are superb.

6. Search Engine Compatibility Fixes
We will then run a check on your HTML code and fix errors in HTML coding, working around any error pages, make sure your site is compatible with all browsers, run a frames check, check for missing alt image tags, and many others which will be diagnosed in the initial report.

7. Implementation of Changes
Either DaniMaster or your site administrator will upload all changes made to the site (Title tags, Meta tags, body text, Alt Img Tags, fixed HTML, etc.) Once all changes are made, your website is ready for Search Engine Submissions!

8. Search Engine Submission
We professionally submit your site to desired search engines and directories. There are thousands of search engines and directories from regional to global. With so many options, we like to do individual submission proposals as each client will have unique needs. Please contact us here for questions and further details about our search engine and directory submission process

9. Link Building
Link popularity plays a primary role in how search engines rank your site by keywords. Link popularity is a rating system given to a web site that is based on how many external and internal links are pointing to any particular web page. It is at this point in the game we address Link Building. DaniMaster will create a link building “campaign” for your website implementing one way and mutual links. Link building is an essential part of SEO that we recommend consistently doing on a monthly basis, either by yourself or with the help of Dani Master.

10. Depending on the level of SEO you have opted for, at this point we will perform
  • Analysis of your competition, and strategic planning towards beating them.
  • Target Market Consulting and Plan Implementation
  • Extensive Link analysis
  • Blogs/ Forums Building and Consulting
  • Video/ Picture Publications, indexing, and optimization
  • Froogle Feed Building (E-Commerce Based)
  • Website Usability/Navigation Consulting
  • XML Sitemap Construction / submission to Google and Yahoo

Most SEOs will tell you that you need monthly maintenance, but most of it is minimal, and if something does come up, we will simply give you a new
Proposal on what needs to be done and let you know the fees then. This saves you tons of money!!!! Most companies charge around $2000 a month for SEO
Maintenance! Save your money and save your worries, if you need us we are here. And for those months you do not need us, cheers!
For the companies wanting in depth maintenance, we can take care of you as well.
We have weekly, bi weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance programs that are customized to meet the needs per individual client.
A typical maintenance program includes:
  1. generating ranking reports to show you where your site is positioned in relation to searches performed on your keyword phrase selection,
  2. traffic statistical reporting,
  3. search engine saturation reporting,
  4. monitoring of external links as well as Google PageRank,
  5. monitoring of Alexa Rank,
  6. re-inclusion as necessary,
  7. submission to new search engines and directories that we become aware of and
  8. updates to targeted list of keywords as necessary to accommodate for changing search behavioral patterns and

Basic Intake (recommended for most)
FREE Basic Intake and Detailed Quote / Consulting (recommended for most users)
Let us save you the time of endless SEO research. Simply tell us what you need and we can recommend what is best for you based on your requirements, time span, budget, and expectations.
We recommend individual consulting and proposals because everyone has their own unique marketing needs. The truth is no “Universal SEO Package” exists, and each campaign needs to be custom tailored.

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