SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review: #1 In 10 Different Facebook Polls With Plenty Of Social Media Evidence (2019)

First of all, I would like to thanks for Tom from Online Media Masters, who influenced me, to share with you this nice article regarding WordPress speed. In addition to his site measurements, I will provide a deep guide for Google Lighthouse Tool performance guide.


Like most people, I got tired of EIG brands (Bluehost) and migrated to SiteGround’s semi-dedicated GoGeek plan. I was instantly happy with the speed improvements (click through my site if you want) and helpful support who did the migration for me. I’m currently running their newly released PHP 7.3 which made it even faster. I rarely contact them since I don’t have hosting issues anymore, and they’ve been an outstanding silent partner the last 4 years. SiteGround has also voted the #1 host in 10 different Facebook polls and I encourage you to join the WordPress Hosting + WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group so you can get unbiased opinions on hosting.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review

  • Load Times – 5 star
  • New PHP Releases – 5 star
  • Uptime Percen – 5 star
  • WordPress Support – 5 star

Overall – – 5 star


  • $1 rated host in 10 different Facebook polls
  • First host to release PHP 7.3 on October, 24, 2018
  • Support is fast and super knowledgable about WordPress
  • Ongoing security updates prevent hacked websites
  • Semi-dedicated GoGeek plan is a perfect balance between shared/dedicated
  • Free Cloudflare + Let’s Encrypt SSL in their cPanel
  • They will migrate you for free with their GrowBig plan and up


  • Running high CPU plugins can result in CPU overages, so try to use lightweight plugins and choose a SiteGround plan that supports your bandwidth consumption

Being a member of the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group I always see the same question…

“My WordPress site is slow on XYZ hosting (usually an EIG company). Who is the best host?”

I literally have screenshots of about 30 Facebook conversations where people ask about “the best hosting.” Ask me and I will send them to you, SiteGround almost always gets the most name-drops and positive testimonials.

They have amazing support and speed technology that got my site loading in 200ms in Pingdom and .5s in GTmetrix, plus tons of features you can see on their StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek comparison chart (and they’ll migrate you for free with zero (0) downtimes and have a 30-day money back guarantee). They’re also listed on the official WordPress recommended hosts.

I’ve been with SiteGround for 4 years and write WordPress speed tutorials for a living (my WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, and W3 Total Cache tutorials have over 700+ comments combined). Almost 3,000 people read my tutorials every day – I need to know the best host!

I included tons of unbiased social media evidence in this SiteGround WordPress hosting review… just remember that hosting is still the #1 factor in the WordPress optimization guide.

Comment if you have questions, but I think you’ll like them 🙂

SiteGround + WordPress = ❤

  1. #1 In Multiple Facebook Polls
  2. Why I Use Them
  3. 200ms Load Time + 100% Pingdom/GTmetrix Scores
  4. Speed Technology
  5. Always The Latest PHP Version
  6. Supercacher + SG Optimizer
  7. 1-Click Cloudflare Activation
  8. StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek
  9. Cloud Hosting
  10. Dedicated Servers
  11. 5 Data Centers
  12. Support
  13. Security
  14. Uptime (Actually 99.99%)
  15. Automatic WordPress Updates
  16. eCommerce Features
  17. cPanel Demo
  18. Free Migration
  19. Low Cancellation Rates
  20. Recommenced By WordPress
  21. The Problem With Bluehost, HostGator, EIG Companies
  22. How To Tell If Your Hosting Is Slow
  23. A+ Feedback On Facebook And Twitter

Affiliate Disclaimer – if you sign up for SiteGround using my affiliate link I will donate a good chunk at no expense to you. This year Tom donated $3,000 to feed the homeless in Denver. In 2017, I donated $3,000 to the American Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey. Your support helps and I genuinely appreciate it. I try to make my reviews unbiased and backed by evidence in the form of Facebook pollstweets, and real conversations. If you don’t want to use it, here’s a non-affiliate link to SiteGround. Either way, I truly believe they’re the best host and that your site will run faster/smoother… do your research on Google and Facebook groups and you’ll find most people say the same.


1. #1 In Multiple Facebook Polls

Here’s the Facebook poll was taken by the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group. Over 350 people voted who are knowledgeable about WordPress hosting. They were also rated #1 in numerous other polls by various WordPress Facebook Groups (you can click each image to see the poll)…

Join the WordPress Hosting/WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and see what people say:




Ivica runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and ranks them #1 on his resources page. Ivica isn’t a SiteGround affiliate or is sponsored by them, he’s just been a client for many years.



2. Why I Use Them

  1. They’re recommended by WordPress
  2. They use PHP 7.3 (check your version here)
  3. They use HTTP/2 servers (check your version here)
  4. Their speed technology page clearly lists what they use
  5. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL (EIG companies charge for this)
  6. My GTmetrix/Pingdom reports are great (the biggest reason)
  7. Average load time is 1.3s, giving most people instant speed improvements
  8. Ivica runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and ranks them #1
  9. Consistently #1 in Facebook polls/conversations (#1#2#3#4#5#6#7)
  10. Their semi-dedicated plan is affordable yet much faster than shared hosting
  11. They have 1-click Cloudflare activation in the cPanel (view cPanel demo)
  12. Designated WordPress support (tickets usually answered in <10 min)
  13. SG Optimizer plugin keeps your PHP updated with the latest version
  14. Automatic daily backups, WordPress updates, and security updates
  15. Great eCommerce hosting
  16. Weekly security email notifications
  17. I usually get 100% uptimes but 99.99% is guaranteed
  18. Out of 50 people I referred to SiteGround in July, not 1 person canceled
  19. I can call them 24/7 and they’re happy to answer questions (1.800.828.9231)
  20. They will migrate you for free with a 30-day money back guarantee


3. 200ms Load Time + 100% Pingdom/GTmetrix Scores

My Pingdom report


My GTmetrix report


Average load time is 1.3s…


1.7s load time…


1.8s load time…


.23s load time…


1.4s load time…


1.1s load time…



People who migrated to SiteGround…


Sure there are other factors besides hosting, but it is #1 in the WordPress optimization guide.


4. Speed Technology

SiteGround’s speed technology is one of the biggest reason people choose them. They use a powerful combination of NGINX servers, SSDs, PHP 7.3, 1-click Cloudflare CDN, and HTTP/2 servers. And their SG Optimizer plugin and Supercacher will further improve load times.



5. Always The Latest PHP Version

You can always count on SiteGround to run the fastest PHP version…


Which is super important…


All it takes is a click in their PHP Version Manager…



Not sure what version of PHP you’re running? Use the Display PHP Version plugin


SiteGround’s SG Optimizer plugin also checks for new versions of PHP, compatibility with themes/plugins, and updates you to the newest version. This is SUPER convenient since most people don’t upgrade as it usually requires manual steps – but their plugin does this for you.


That’s why most people run PHP 5 or later…



6. Supercacher + SG Optimizer

SiteGround’s Supercacher and SG Optimizer plugin work together to cache your website (static, dynamic, memcache), purge dynamic cache whenever content is updated, configure HTTPS to force SSL (if applicable), and keep your site upgraded to the latest version of PHP.

Supercacher is just as good to other cache plugins like WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, and W3 Total Cache. See their cPanel demo to check out the options but this will make your site faster.




HHVM is only available on cloud hosting…


SG Optimizer
This is the plugin that works with Supercacher. View SiteGround’s SG Optimizer tutorial if you want to see the plugin settings, but I think the most valuable part is the ability to upgrade to the latest version of PHP. You must use BOTH the plugin and their Supercacher (shown above).



7. 1-Click Cloudflare Activation

With SiteGround you can activate Cloudflare in the cPanel with 1 click


Tweak Cloudflare settings to aggressive caching and minify for even faster load times…

SiteGround Cloudflare Settings

Haven’t heard of Cloudflare? The main feature is their content delivery network (CDN) which hosts your files on 150+ data centers. And since you only have 1 origin server, this reduces the geographical distance it takes your content to travel from Cloudflare’s servers to your visitors. It also offloads CPU consumption by hosting heavy files on Cloudflare servers instead of yours.

WordPress recommends this in their optimization guide



8. StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

The main difference is StartUp can only host 1 website but still comes with tons of features. GrowBig includes more server resources (faster website), priority support, and 30 daily backups (instead of 1 with StartUp). GoGeek comes with even more server resources (considered semi-dedicated hosting) and you can create a staging site to test code, designs, plugins… before launching. All higher plans come with everything in the previous lower plan.

Here’s the full comparison chart


Higher Plans = More Server Resources = Faster Website – SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek plan include more server resources which make your site load faster (number of servers is the #1 factor in the WordPress optimization guide). GoGeek is semi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than StartUp for $11.95/month, compared to a dedicated serverwhich runs $229/month or their cloud hosting for $80/month. So if website speed is important to you, I would go with GrowBig or GoGeek which include more resources. They also come with priority support, daily backups, WordPress autoupdates, and let you host unlimited sites.

You can see the difference in server resources on SiteGround’s features page


Here’s how many come with each plan…


StartUp – cheapest plan sufficient for hosting 1 website with little traffic. Better than most $3.95/month plans from other hosts but lacks server resources (for speed), storage, priority support, and the helpful backup restoration tool (though you still get 1 daily backup). 99% uptimes and no internal server and other hosting-related errors from my own experience.

  • All essential features
  • Host 1 website only
  • ~ 10,000 Visits
  • $3.95/month
  • 10GB Space
  • Lacks server resources

GrowBig – host multiple websites with nearly 2x more server resources than StartUp (resulting in faster load times). Double the storage space, priority support and staging. Includes 30 daily backups, backup restoration tool, and advanced caching for SG Optimizer.

  • All essential features
  • Host unlimited websites
  • ~ 25,000 Visits
  • 30 daily backups
  • Priority support
  • Backup & restoration service
  • WordPress special cache
  • $5.95/month
  • 20GB space
  • 3 levels of SuperCacher
  • Wildcard SSL certificate
  • About 2x server resources
  • About 2x email resources
  • Best cost/value ratio

GoGeek – semi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than regular shared hosting plans. Perfect for people who want a super fast website but don’t want to pay $80/month for cloud hosting. Includes staging (for testing before launching), unlimited restores by SiteGround’s support team, and e-Commerce features like 1 year free Wildcard SSL and PCI compliance for credit card fraud protection. GoGeek includes all features of GrowBig plus everything below:

  • All essential features
  • Host unlimited websites
  • ~ 100,000 Visits
  • 1 click WordPress Staging
  • Premium Backup & Restore
  • SG-Git for repo creation
  • WordPress special cache
  • $11.95/month
  • 30GB space
  • Free PCI Compliance
  • Pre-Installed Git
  • About 3x server resources
  • About 3x email resources
  • Fastest shared hosting plan


9. Cloud Hosting

SiteGround’s cloud hosting is primarily for larger websites that have high traffic or need the ability to autoscale resources so your website doesn’t run slow or shut down during traffic spikes. It comes with 2 CPU + 4GB RAM which can make your site even faster than on dedicated hosting. The isolated resources give you better speed, uptimes, and security, and I wrote a full review of SiteGround’s cloud hosting if this is the hosting plan you’re looking at.


Isolated Resources – instead of hosting your website on 1 single server, your website is hosted on unlimited machines. This means your website won’t be effected by ANYONE else’s (eg. if they overclock their server on shared hosting). And since cloud hosting simulates a dedicated server, more resources are dedicated to hosting your website, making it load faster. There are many benefits of cloud hosting but you can sum it up into performance, reliability, scalability (autoscaling), and security. Plus you have a much less chance of getting CPU overages especially if you use autoscaling in the SiteGround cPanel to compensate for traffic spikes…



10. Dedicated Servers

I have never used SiteGround’s dedicated servers but they have them for $229/month. This is for high traffic sites needing a lot of resources and am sure it makes your site ridiculously fast. I just honestly don’t have experience with it (so I won’t give an opinion) but if it’s like any other SiteGround plan I’m sure it’s legit. Maybe when I reach 10,000 visitors/day I’ll give it a whirl 🙂



11. 5 Data Centers

When you sign up for SiteGround you will choose to host your website in 1 of 5 data centers: Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, or Singapore. Choose the one that’s closest to your visitors (to reduce the geographical distance it takes for your content travel). SiteGround’s data centers use redundant storage so your website should never go down due to electrical problems. This was quite the problem with Bluehost when they experienced a network outage which caused tons of outages on their shared, VPS, and dedicated plans. Fortunately SiteGround is all about taking preventative measures BEFORE an issue happens.



12. Support

SiteGround is undoubtedly setting the standard for support. Their team is SUPER helpful with WordPress (they also participate in tons of WordCamps) and have actually tweaked my Wordfence settings when I was having issues. Tickets are usually answered within 10 minutes especially if you have their GrowBig and GoGeek plan which come with priority support. And if you’re currently hosted somewhere else, SiteGround will migrate you for free.


Fastest support in the industry…



13. Security

SiteGround uses Linux containers and account isolation to prevent other websites on your server from effecting yours, plus ongoing patches and security monitoring. Of course you should change your generic Admin username and install a plugin like Wordfence, but SiteGround will do their part. Their development team constantly makes sure your site isn’t affected by threats which (if your site has ever been hacked) you know how important it is…


Here’s how SiteGround protects your website (listed on the features page)…


Weekly emails letting you know your site is secure…

SiteGround Security Alerts


14. Uptime (Actually 99.99%)

SiteGround has outstanding uptime technology that is actually 99.99%. If you’ve ever experienced internal server errors, bad gateways, connection failures, and other messages when your site goes down, you shouldn’t get this with SiteGround. I use Uptime Robot to monitor my uptimes which are at 100%. They use Linux containers, server monitoring, secure account isolation, etc. Other WordPress hosts say 99.99% but fail to deliver. Not SiteGround.


Check their Facebook Page and you’ll see customers love these updates…



15. Automatic WordPress Updates

Set SiteGround to automatically update WordPress core/plugins in the cPanel

SiteGround WordPress Autoupdates


16. eCommerce Features


Shopping Carts – SiteGround supports all major shopping carts. You may want to read about their merchant account solutions to learn about processing payments for eCommerce hosting.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL – all plans come with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL in the cPanel.

Wildcard SSL – GrowBig and GoGeek include a wildcard SSL for 1 year which secures your site and it’s subdomains while giving you a site seal to showcase on your website. After the 1st year it will cost $89/year. You can view SiteGround’s SSL plans to learn more about these.

PCI Compliance – GoGeek includes PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which prevents credit card fraud by unifying payments using 12 requirements.


17. cPanel Demo

If you’re not currently hosted with SiteGround and want to see a cPanel demo, this will help you explore the different options once you purchase a SiteGround plan. You will find many features I’ve gone over including Cloudflare CDN, autoupdates, autoinstallers, staging, backups, email, WordPress tools like their SuperCacher plugin, and plenty of other features.

SiteGround cPanel


18. Free Migration

SiteGround will migrate you for free and while it’s impossible to guarantee, there should be absolutely 0 downtime – you don’t have to wait until Sunday. I did this when I was with Bluehost (and have done it for many clients) and never had a problem. The migration was done within a few hours with no technical issues. So yes, I have full confidence in their technicians.

Their support tickets include an option to request a website transfer



19. Low Cancellation Rates

As a SiteGround affiliate, I can see how many people cancel after signing up – it’s about 10%. Just to give you an idea WP Engine’s cancellation rate is 21% and HostGator is around 60%.



SiteGround is recommended by WordPress



21. The Problem With Bluehost, HostGator, EIG Companies

Did you know Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Site5, HostMonster, and tons of other hosting companies are owned by the same awful firm (EIG)? Here’s the full list but EIG is infamous for acquiring companies, firing employees, and completely ruining companies by downgrading hardware and packing more customers on the same server. Great for EIG profits, not for you.



22. How To Tell If Your Hosting Is Slow

Server Response Time – run your site through Google Page Speed Insights to see if reduce server response time shows in your report. Google recommends a response time of <200ms.


TTFB – time to first byte measures the responsiveness of your web server (hosting). Run your site through and ideally it should be <500ms, however <200ms is even better.


You can also check TTFB in the GTmetrix Timings tab…



23. A+ Feedback On Facebook And Twitter

If you actually spend the time reading these Facebook conversations, the decision is clear.

Here are just a few of them…








Compliments about their support from Twitter…


View SiteGround’s WordPress Hosting

I hope you found my SiteGround WordPress hosting review helpful! If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line in the comments but I tried to cover as much as I could. I really do love SiteGround (I just bought my SiteGround t-shirt the other day) so ya, I’m kind of obsessed.

See Also: How I Optimized My WordPress Site To Load In 200ms




  1. Support agent at Siteground took the time to read the notes from my previous situation and was able to easily handle my questions, explained everything and made me feel like a valued customer. So glad I switched my business to them.

  2. Quick and efficient response. Everything was resolved under 20 minutes. Very pleased with the service.

  3. Perfecto,rapido y profesional!!

  4. Kathryn Marmon

    As a new blogger on SiteGround I needed a little help to find things. The techs have been very helpful, and explained the procedures in a way that helped me make some progress.

  5. Monika Kiljan

    the best experience ever… sorted out what previously was supposedly to be sorted from my side and with quite a lot of work… Ivaylo S. is till now the best SiteGround and overall advisor i ever spoke to and i must admit that my experience with SiteGround till now was excellent…

  6. CUMC Office

    I transferred a WordPress site with 90+ pages and 400+ events (which we keep for archiving). Any issues were resolved so quickly. I’m extremely impressed and happy with the level of response from the support team.

  7. Axel Schaumann

    Gabriela was of great support in transferring a website and a domain from another hosting provider to Siteground, fixing some problems with the website and explaining me the process of setting up email accounts at Siteground. She did a great job!

  8. ****WARNING*** DO NOT PURCHASE A DOMAIN/URL WITH SITEGROUND**** I made the mistake of purchasing a domain recently and was inundated with calls and emails immediately and when I complained to customer service at Siteground, I was told it would go away if I purchased the domain privacy package which just happened to be 50% off!

    • Lee Packman

      This will happen no matter where you buy the domain from, I recently purchased one from BT, non stop calls offering a service to build a website!

      easy solution= put a fake telephone number when purchasing domain 😉

      • Agree with Lee, this is [almost] common practice so I don’t really think you can hold up Siteground for that. If you want domain privacy, try Google Domains…. their prices are standard- no reduction- but they come complete so in the end it is 6 of one, half dozen of other. I chose Google simply to avoid 2 or 3+ step hassles, and Siteground to host

    • SiteGround

      Hi Melanie,

      We would like to clarify that we do not share your client data with third parties and follow a privacy policy to protect them. The reason you have been receiving all of the marketing messages is that your personal information is listed publicly as owner of recently registered domain.
      This is in line with the regulations from ICANN, the international organization which governs the domain registration process worldwide. They have a requirement that all data of the domain owner should be public information, and it is not related to our hosting services.

      As our representative has explained we can help you solve this situation via a service we provide that gives your domain data privacy. Instead of showing your real phone and email details it displays a another identity under the registration for your domain. Do not hesitate to contact us again if we can assist you further.

      SiteGround Team

    • Grazina A. Szewczyk

      I often buy hosting and domain names from SiteGround, and so do my clients (I’m a SiteGround affiliate because they’re so awesome!). I was never inundated with calls and emails from them, and none of my clients complained about getting too many emails, either. Most of my clients are people who run businesses and have busy lives, and they hate getting spammed or hassled, they’d let me know straight away if that happened.
      When I buy hosting Siteground sends me one email with the sale receipt, another one with all the information about the hosting account and additionally a validation mail for my domain – each one is about a different issue which makes it filing and finding the information I need later much easier.
      When I install WordPress they confirm that, too. It may sound like quite a few emails but each one is about a different issue which makes it filing and finding the information I need later much easier.
      I also get a Siteground newsletter and the affiliate news, and I always read them as both have useful tips and good information.

  9. Chris Jukes

    Awesome as usual

  10. Nayrin Gonzalez

    I just switched from another hosting company and should I say I regret not knowing about SiteGround sooner. Support is wonderful, and easy to reach. With my old Hosting Provider I always struggled to reach to support, and when I finally did they could hardly understand what I meant or resolve any issue for me. I am in love with SiteGround, I will definitely refer to everyone I can. Thank you so much SiteGround! Keep up the awesome work!

  11. After being with what I thought was really good hosting for 12 years, I was losing my faith in the other host. Every time I needed support it was like I was alligator wrestling.
    Siteground has been a wonderful experience and while their system is a little different the people on the support desk are angels. they help without talking over my head or talking down to me. I wear a lot of hats in my business and I am the chief problem solver and it is nice to be treated with respect when I need help. Thanks Site Ground! And thanks to Short Results for referring me to SG.

  12. Kaloyan was a huge help, and answered my questions to the fullest. The reviews I read on other sites are right on about Siteground!

  13. Jerzy Rek

    I use the siteground since 2007 and never ever had any problems.
    If they can cope with a pain like me they must be wonderful 🙂

  14. Hi All!

    The support representative Pavel S was pretty good in his assistance. His guidance helped even a non-technical person like me to resolve the issue in just few minutes. Thank you! Keep it up!

  15. Herman Van Noten

    I was helped by Rosen Mihov on a problem of iPad mail settings . A tough issue with something that was in fact an Apple shortcoming. But it was solved in an very swift and efficient way. Thank you Rosen !

  16. OMG the best! Quick and clear chat assistance for transferring of website hosting.

  17. Colin Gajraj

    I am SUPER happy with SiteGround so far. Best decision of my life to move from another hosting company to SiteGround. Keep up the FANTASTIC work guys. Tech support is absolutely the best. I hope you guys don’t sell out and become commercialized like the other hosting companies… please!!!

  18. Rosen was very helpful and patient with helping me with my site issues. 5* service and would highly recommend.

  19. I can’t recommend SiteGround enough! They have been wonderful with me and I’m not the most tech savvy person on this planet! I have used the tech support numerous times through Chat and every time they have been excellent! Always solving my problem in minutes, assisting me with tutorials, step-by-step guides when available.

    They don’t just do it on their own, they teach me how, and I greatly appreciate that! You won’t be disappointed with your decision to host with them. Worth every last penny!!

  20. Totyu H. went above an beyond what I would expect on a service chat. I’m really glad I found Siteground!

  21. OddO R.

    I finally made the decision to move to SiteGround and I’m suuuuuuper happy with it!.. The Response time is just almost instantaneous!, the operators are very knowledgeable and nice!
    I Use to have Site5 for Many Years and they were really Good until a EIG bought them and destroyed all the hard work and good reputation they had… Now their service is terrible and the Customer Service is Just Inexistent!
    But in the Positive side I’m so Glad with SiteGround!.. Will recommend it to everybody….
    Keep the Good Work Guys.. and don’t sell the Company to a Big heartless Enterprise like Site5 did.

  22. I’ve gone through a few different hosts before switching to SiteGround at the beginning of this year. Honestly, I don’t plan to look back at another host. Great pricing, fast speeds (with or without add-on’s), but to top it off, the customer support is beyond words. Other host’s i would spend 5-10 min average just waiting to talk to someone. With the handful of times I’ve actually needed tech support, my issue was resolved within the first 5-10 min, and that’s with less than 1 min wait time. Hands down the best.

  23. Super support, excellent Agent called Julian J.

  24. Francisco Fernandes

    Every time I had to use siteground’s support I was very well assisted. All of the representatives are kind and helpful.
    Additionally, Valentin N was very patient with all the questions I had and have provided the best solution for my actual scenario. It was definitely a 5 star service.

  25. Being an absolute amateur at all of this, I’ve had to contact SiteGround on a couple of occasions and in both instances, they’ve been so helpful and professional. Answered my questions and gotten my problem taken care of right away. I would definitely recommend SiteGround.

  26. Thom Bush

    Spoke to Pavel this evening, very quick response and solved the problem, as is so usual with SG. Thanks guys, great job.

  27. ABSOLUTELY overwhelmed by the support and positive attitude from Nikol at SiteGround. in a different league.


  28. I’m extremely impressed and very happy with the level of response from the support team. It is a superb & a friendly service!

  29. I just chat with a 5 star support staff. He was with me for 2 hours or so and every minute was worth it. He listened, assisted, and explained what he did and what I’m required to do.

    Most of the support staff are excellent at Siteground, except the previous two and maybe one or two in the past, the sessions were about 10 minutes and 5 minutes were time wasted. Still better than many other hosting companies.

  30. Best hosting partner I have ever used. Every issue is fixed withing minutes. These guys know their stuff and what customer service is. very happy will recommend SiteGround to any one who is looking for hosting.

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    i give them 5 stars and Thanks again.

  32. Amber Gillard

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  33. Superb service!

  34. That was super quick and very helpful!! Took about 4minutes to get all that I need sorted. WOW!!! I’m really impressed with their assistance services and was more than satisfied. 🙂

  35. Evgeni just resolved a problem I’ve been having all month. I’ve been on a couple of other times with other tech support. His solution seems very sound, and makes sense to me. He also made sure I could implement it myself if this happens again. I was extremely happy with his competence and the speed with which he created the solution. Thank you for employing great people like Evgeni. I love SiteGround.

  36. As someone who tested Inmotion, Hostgator and Siteground, I can tell you that Siteground has without any doubt the best customer support in the market and clearly one of the highest quality for WordPress experts. I am using differently shared hostings, having 3 VPSs on DigitalOcean and recently made this conclusion to move totally to SiteGround for peace of mind they offer.

  37. Fantastic help all the time. No matter what issue we may have with billing, upgrading, emailing etc they are on it within minutes, all questions answered and calm me since I have not technical knowledge. I love the various programs they offer and we have used them for hosting, emailing and to create sub domains. Super job and keeps yourself expression running

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    Thank you <3

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    Antonia has the patience of a saint!!!! Thank you so, so much for helping me muddle through.

  43. C Kiraly

    Ervin did a great job answering my questions… but unfortunately, I’m looking for python stuff, and you only running 2.4.3 is a deal breaker – so I’ll keep looking…

  44. Awesome support from Siteground. Thanks!

  45. Paul Anthony

    Valentin sorted out my problem quickly and like all the guys there provides a great service.
    Really impressed with this company!

  46. Bozhana is a beautiful girl and she is a good supporter 🙂

  47. A perfect support. Problem solved in just few minutes.

    Thansk SG

  48. Dimitar K. is a super awesome support representative, dealt with my issues till they all were successfully solved. Awesome experience! Thanks.

  49. Patrick Kpikpi

    I always got what I want and sometimes more, anytime i needed support from Siteground. Your service is phenomenal.

  50. Anastas of SiteGround was really great. I had multiple problems, and most were probably due to my lack of technical understanding more than anything else.
    Anyway, Anastas was patient with my technical challenges and helped me above and beyond the call of duty. SiteGround has always been there for me in a heartbeat as they say! They are very fast responders and most patient and helpful.

  51. Dan Oper

    by far the best support on any hosting service i have ever used!!!

  52. Troy was very ON today.. providing informative and knowledgeable details related to mailing rate issues. Was expedient at advising on my many questions.


  53. Thank you for the support you have provided today – it has been excellent – FABULOUS. I am such a novice and you have really gone above and beyond to make me feel competent!

  54. SiteGround is INFINITELY more helpful and knowledgeable than GoDaddy. There is NO COMPARISON hands down. Was worried about shelling out the money for crap service but they have gone above and beyond my needs and expectations to even going ahead and doing things for me that I didn’t even know I needed. They are great. Genius. THANK YOU SITEGROUND!!!!!

    Love love love.

  55. Michael

    I migrated my website to Siteground and within hours the transfer was complete, all my files and SSL certificates were installed. My website is running quicker than anything I have ever witnessed.
    The support staff are amazing, quick to respond and very informative.
    You really cannot go wrong with Siteground!!
    Many regards Michael – MrandMrsMuscle

  56. Jennifer

    There have been a few issues that I’ve needed help with, and SiteGround has always been incredibly kind and helpful. I’ve used the chat and also opened tickets with positive results. Definitely a great hosting service. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much, SiteGround!

  57. Steve G

    As usual, Greta was responsive and accurate with my support issue. A welcome change from GoDaddy!

    • Greta helped me with a php issue today. She did a great job and everything works perfectly! Thanks Greta and Siteground.

  58. Gehad Eleshmawy

    it was my first time dealing with SiteGround, actually Adriana gave me a very professional impression about their services and their professionalize, thank you Adriana for your great effort and your prompt and professional support

  59. Stefan had my issue fixed within 30 seconds of opening the chat!

  60. Martin V was super helpful and gave great advice. You guys rock! I am so happy to be referring more people over to you guys!

  61. George Kern

    Since I switched from my old hosting company to Siteground about one year ago, I am so happy with their support. My old hosting company either put me on hold for up to an hour, or they took two days to reply to tickets. Often they didn’t even understand what the problem was. Or they told me that my question was not part of their job description and that I had to hire a web professional.
    Siteground however has never ever put me off. They resolved all my issues quickly and professionally. And that includes very complicated technical questions that you wouldn’t really expect a web hosting provider to know. But they do!
    Just now Mihail Kirilov resolved a very tricky technical coding issue quickly and correctly. All this is free! I couldn’t be happier with Siteground’s service and support.

  62. Khan. S

    Highly satisfied with the services. Live chat is very responsive and efficient.

  63. ModernPRO LLC

    They did a great job, answered all of my questions and fixed my issue. excellent support.

  64. your service is really good

  65. Quick and officiant!! Thank you!

  66. Amir P Rezaei

    Siteground has the BEST support by far. I have moved from host to host over the years like a lost soul. I have now been with Siteground for the past 2 years. Prior to siteground I was hosting on different VPS’s, now I have ALL of my sites on their Gogeek WordPress account and im now paying in one year what i was paying per month with other hosts.

    I should note though that the price goes up after 12 months and it is a little pricey but definately worth it, as the support is outstanding. Ive been recommending all my clients to siteground and even setup an affiliate program with them recently.

    Highly recommended overall, though i would say that if you need a dedicated or cloud server then siteground is a little pricey in my opinion, but for wordpress and and other sites with moderate traffic its PERFECTTT

  67. Howard Minton

    Great service & knowledge from Pavlin I . He helped me through the setting up my account & gave me great support & advice. He was also very patient & courteous!

  68. Nick Gargiulo

    I wont lie, the last time I made a website was like 20 years ago, and with HTML. This has been a learning process but in a few days I managed to get 2 WP sites up and running, they look great, and the few times I had to speak to technical support, they were super helpful and solved all my issues. Thanks Rumin D, 5 stars buddy!

  69. The best customer service of all time.
    Kind, helpful, patient and efficient. They will never fail you!
    I couldn’t imagine better hosting and support!
    Thank you

  70. SiteGround has been amazing for help with a client transfer. The customer service has been outstanding. I am gradually moving clients to them regularly. I can’t say enough good things. I am so glad I met them at WordCamp Boston.

  71. Simen Lied

    Iv’e tested quite a few different hosting companies, and Sitegrounds’ support blows the commpettition out of the water. They reply in a heartbeat, and if they don’t solve an issue right then and there (which they usually do) – i can leave the chat knowing the problem will be resolved the next morning.

  72. What I thought were quick questions ended up taking over an hour and both Eleanora and Tervel answered very quickly and knowledgeably. Thanks to them both I have left my old host and now have my sites hosted on SiteGround. Thank you both!

  73. Benjamin

    Having only joined Siteground this year I was very happy with the speed of the site and the support was fantastic. As a result I added two further sites and again one or two issues were quickly solved. I have had a small problem with the most recent one and today Toma Tetimov found it was the version of PHP was the cause which he quickly fixed. Many thanks to Siteground and its Support.

  74. Christo

    Miroslav from Siteground was on top of the game. He was not just able to answer everything quickly, he understood what to do and did it quickly, and could even implement an alternative solution! Very nice!

    Awesome support!!

  75. Sourced Consulting

    Svetoslav was very professional and assisted me in a timely manner.
    Highly recommended if your looking for a great hosting company and you dont want to speak to robots 😛

  76. Info@Financialcopywriting.Com

    Antonia was fabulous. Helped me during a difficult and complex renewal. I hope I get her next time I have a problem!

    Thanks, Antonia!

  77. Excellent customer service, will never leave this place.

  78. Alejandro

    Daniel M. was very helpful, efficient and quick.

    My website is running fast now with Siteground, thanks!

  79. Antonio

    Stoyan G. Assisted me today in getting my domain up and with transfer and i must say this was by far the best customer service I’ve ever experienced period! He was so helpful I honestly thought he deserved a tip!
    I switched from Wix to Siteground and it was the best thing I’ve ever done!

  80. Thanks a lot guys! You always do it perfectly .Daniel Thanks a lot !

  81. Ozal Laddha

    Very prompt Response from Siteground all the time.
    keep it up.

  82. Kyle Hendrickson

    SiteGround’s support is top-notch! Every single time I have used their support, I have gotten quick and accurate responses to my questions. I have been in the IT field since the IBM PC was released (1981); in that entire time, I can honestly say that the support provided by SiteGround has been the best I have ever received. They are pros! I used to have my websites hosted by another hosting provider and by comparison, the tech support between the other guys and SiteGround is like night and day!

  83. Francisco Trigueros

    Antonia was excellent and accurate with her support and helped me a lot!

  84. Boz was super helpful in first setting up my new domain with WordPress, then migrating the contents from another site to the new one. It gave him a hard time, I think, but he persevered and still got it done in about 20 minutes, Really saved me a ton of work! Many thanks to Boz and to Siteground for their superior service! I will tell all the site owners I know to switch to Siteground,

  85. Carey Peterson

    SiteGround has awesome tech support. Smart and friendly. My issues are almost always solved quickly and easily. I’ve used 5 other hosting companies in the last 15 years for clients and my own businesses and this one is the best.
    My ONLY real complaint with SiteGround is that they auto-renew your accounts and upgrades/add-ons, even when you remove the auto-renew feature. It’s a bug in their billing set-up. They are quick to refund, but it’s a pain in the neck to have to ask for a refund.

  86. Bethany

    Online chat support was helpful and friendly. Really pleased with the customer service.

  87. There is no other way to say it other than.. Sitegorund is simply one of the most responsive and best tech support teams in the industry right now for the price. They remind me of other much larger companies years ago who have gone by the wind by now and allowed standards to drop through the floor. Siteground is a new breed though! I hope Siteground can keep it up for years to come and I’ll still be around with you.

    Thanks for a great service.


  88. The support is great, not much words to say but what a 101% support. The greatest support I ever counter in my life. Thank you so much looking forward my website migrated.

  89. Christy Eller

    I have been in this business for many years and have never had a host like Siteground. Fast, secure, best customer service in the universe. I LOVE SITEGROUND!!!!!!!!!

  90. Lynette

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Siteground, their support staff are all amazing and so patience and respond so quickly. Best hosting company ever

  91. Gustavo Guzman

    The support is great, I know that I can always count on the support of experts in the area. Thanks especially to Todor Pehlivanov, who was very patient and easily detected the error on my site.
    They are really great, especially in the ticket area.

  92. Claudio

    Whenever I needed SiteGround technical support they were very fast and efficient. I am a very satisfied customer!

  93. I won’t lie at first I thought the idea of having to purchase a whole year was a little risky but man this Support! I get answers and fixes in minutes. I have left the “big” guys and glad I did! Ty Siteground!

  94. Genevieve Nash

    my site has had issues once a week atleast since joining this service and each time it is something different. Endless hassles and a shocking loss of business as a result. Very unhappy with this platform.

  95. I have been with SiteGround 2 weeks now after moving over 12 sites from BlueHost… I wish I had done it sooner! SiteGround support is the best I have ever seen and have made things so much simpler. Thank you very much SiteGround team, you have no idea how much stress and pain you have saved us from having to continue dealing with BlueHost and all their issues and ‘support’!

  96. Alexander Flores

    Thanks to Greta! Very professional and kind, ready to assist me every time I need help.

  97. Laura Durant

    I have odd experience. I was in the middle of a chat — suddenly the window refreshed on its own, the chat ended, and a page became a static advertisement listing your Company features. There was no way to pick up where I left off so my only option was to start over with your tech-support cue. I know phone support technicians will ask for my call back number in case we are disconnected. Given that, would you consider a protocol whereby we would provide our email address at the beginning of a chat so that if we were disconnected the customer care person could message us immediately with a chat link and we could pick up where we left off ?

    • Laura Durant

      Aside from that, resolving the matter was quick and efficient I definitely want to make note of that!

  98. Peter Charalambos

    Yoana was super helpful

  99. Their customer service is identical to what I have heard – excellent.

  100. The service was great and reliable when I was using it. When I no longer needed the service I ended my subscription, but was accidentally charged for a renewal. It was fixed immediately and I received a 100% refund. Great customer service.

  101. I LOVE siteground customer support, they are so knowledgeable and quick to help! So happy I chose this company as my web host! I’m definitely a lifetime customer.

  102. Yikdem Shibeshi

    I really appreciate Siteground help centre they are very quick and reliable superstar programmer and engineer. 🙂

  103. Sung Kim

    Ivelin helped me out and the process to transfer existing website flowed like butter.
    He was very professional and answered questions right to the point.

    Two 👍👍

  104. Michael Bunyan

    Chat line for support is really useful, and with knowledgeable people responding they provide good advice and/or solutions

  105. Always the best support! They know how to solve everything and how to explain to someone who knows not so much about coding ( like me ). Thanks guys!

  106. There’s someone available 24/7 on the live chat, connecting within minutes and they are usually capable of fixing any issues there and then. Great service 🙂

  107. If you have not asked about Siteground’s domain transfer incentives, you should. I did and saved $200 this year. Plus the convenience of all things domain in one trusted location.

  108. Fast, accurate, competent and friendly support!

  109. Courtney Ratcliffe

    Truly exceptional service. So happy I picked SiteGround as my provider!

  110. Alain Vandermeersch

    The support from Siteground is indeed truly exceptional. Fast, technically impeccable, friendly. Many thanks.

  111. Lars Jacobsen

    Awesome support, never seen the likes of it before

  112. Artur Schneider

    As always for the last 10 years, quick and prompt response and fix… Top Stuff

  113. SiteGround has done a very good job in supporting. We are using their Dedicated Server. Once we have any problem, we will send the ticket to them and get a quick response and solution. Thank you.


  114. The support is amazing, happy i switched from hostgator to siteground truly!

  115. The customer service at SiteGround is fantastic. I am a 68 year old man, returning to college out of boredom…they have made web design and hosting very easy for me.

  116. the best as always… thanks that make easy our work.

  117. Amber Hewitt

    I’ve had to contact support twice and both times they helped me out quickly. I’ve been a customer for 4 months and I’m very happy to have switched to Siteground!

  118. Awesome as usual. Very quick answer, fixed a problem that I created on my own domain, A +++++

  119. Teresa Schlup

    I freaking love SiteGround! Just switched a week ago due to technical issues not being addressed and they have exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds! All issues resolved and the support I have received has been nothing short of amazing!

  120. Excellent support 24/7 SiteGround Team this time helped me with FTP client settings. Many thanks

  121. Pierre R.

    As usual, fast top notch support.

  122. Winston

    We rent a dedicated server with Siteground and have been a true customer since 2012. Yes since 2012. SiteGrounds support is unmatched, their customer service is top and courteous, polite and very service minded. When they say 24/7, they mean 24/7. Have my support request to prove it. So we ant going anywhere so long as their business keeps this up. Good stuff SiteGround.

  123. Dmitry G

    Perfect customer service!
    Best hosting company ever! Very happy working with them!

  124. As always – quick and great customer service. I just had a chat with Velizar Y who kindly and clearly helped me out with my matter. Big thanks!

  125. Great Support and questions always answered.

  126. Amazing support, I am a novice so all of you out there know its a steep learning curve. Siteground have really helped me develop my confidence, no question is too small (or stupid)

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