Mozy Backup Review


  • Global company for any client
  • Free tech support, huge FAQ and ticketing system
  • Improved performance and good transfer rate
  • Secure file transfer
  • Large business and Enterprise solution


  • Costly plans
  • Focusing on large clients
  • No email /phone support

Mozy Backup is leading the market from small consumer to big enterprise business online backup solution. In 2006 Mozy was acquired by enterprise storage giant EMC a public storage company with a nearly $40 billion market cap. EMC paid $76 million for Mozy. The good news is that EMC is a huge and trusted brand and they will drive a Mozy the new market level and  provides even more reliability and productivity with online data storage.

Mozy offers three products: Mozy Home, Mozy Pro and you have to contact with them for large size businesses. From Mozy’s marketing has been based on attracting users to their 2GB free offer similar company like Dropbox. You can sign for free 2GB data storage account forever. However, is does not mean it will stay free forever  according to License Terms.

Once you’ve signed up for the free 2GB account, they’re hoping that your free storage will finish fast and next step is to upgrade to Mozy Home which offers 50gb capacity for $5.99/mo,  or $9,99 a month for 120gb. Before Mozy used to offer for 4,95 unlimited disk space, but that offer is does not exist anymore. Please mention that their prices is to subject to change and our review website can’t not offer you a special deal for that prices.

  • $5.99/month

    1 computer
    1 year plan = 1 month free
    2 year plan = 3 months free

  • $9.99/month

    3 computers
    1 year plan = 1 month free
    2 year plan = 3 months free

    • Add additional computers for $2 per month per computer.
    • Add an additional 20 GB of space for $2 per month.


Second level of Mozy data protection is a Business level

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Linux
  • Network-attached storage (NAS)
  • Common business applications on Windows ServerMozy’s powerful, multi-tenant, and feature-rich online Admin Console lets you perform your duties the way that works best for your organization. Mozy delivers server cloud backup your way.
  • They are curently offering the following plans
    • 10GB, 50GB, 100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB
      the following example is showing you 250 Gb plan , for more details, click on the link: Visit website

      $94.99 Plan total

      $ 94.99/month

    • 1-YEAR PLAN

      $1,044.89 Plan total

      $ 87.07/month

    • 2-YEAR PLAN

      $1,994.79 Plan total

      $ 83.12/month

    • With all this you receive a higher level of customer support and some extra features, such as account administration.


  • Storage sieze from free 2GB account for consumers to Unlimited space ordering
  • Backs up open and locked files
  • All version PC/Mac?tablet/Mobile version available
  • Block-level incremental backup
  • Fast, generally limited only by your internet connection
  • Versions — recover old versions of your files
  • Paid version “Pro” with unlimited space
  • Allows manual throttling of CPU and bandwidth utilization
  • Web access: retrieving one file from backup is fast and fairly simple
  • Data encrypted and secured before transmission to Mozy
  • Offers private encryption key
  • Mobile app access, Ipad, Iphone , Android, Amazon store (missing Windows , nokia and Blackberry devices)

  Software Support

  • Latest Mozy Sync for Windows software
    for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1, 7, & Vista.
  • Latest Mozy Sync for Mac software
    for Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.

 Company Information

Location: American Fork, UT
Mozy is about 50 and 60 employees.
Financing: Bought out in late 2007 by EMC
Subscribers: More than 6 million individuals and 100,000 businesses back up more than 90 petabytes (one petabyte is a heck of a lot of data; 90 is a heck of a lot more) of information to Mozy data centers globally.
Stored data: 3 petabytes
Positioning: Mozy is the industry-leading solution for online backup – back up your important files, photos, documents and more over the internet.
Sales channels: Primarily direct to consumer. Affiliate and reseller programs.

Languages support:

Their website is translated and supporting 10 different languages

  • United States
  • France
  • Deutschland
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Nederlandse
  • Português
  • 日本語


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