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Properly managed, Pay per click (PPC) is a powerful form of search engine marketing that provides instant results. Your company’s advertisements appear as one of the first three sponsored ads on the top left, or the sponsored ads on the on the right side of the search query results on Google’s main search screen.

Unlike organic search results, which require careful and ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) and age filtering period, paid search marketing delivers you to page one right away, driving qualified traffic to your website.

We provide professional PPC Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Pay Per Click Management Services customized to meet your specific online marketing goals and to maximize the return on your online sales and marketing investment.

Quick SEO decision – AdWord program!


Our Packages


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Free Google Adwords Coupons are available for new clients (apply for new accounts only)
Conversion tracking and Goal setup options are available.

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Pay Per Click Management goals

  • Quickly increase the number of potential customers visiting your website.

  • Improve the rate at which those visitors become customers and/or future sales leads.

  • Derive in-depth data and analysis to better target future marketing efforts.

Pay per click and other search engine marketing services are usually done in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If managed properly, SEO can offset the cost of PPC.

Offers Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management for both short and long-term online marketing initiatives.

Short-term PPC strategies provide additional exposure to support seasonal business periods, new product launches, or time-sensitive PR information.

Longer term PPC management initiatives serve many purposes, including filling visibility “gaps” if your existing web site does not provide sufficient exposure and positioning on specific keywords within the natural search results.

When pay per click listings appear in combination with natural “Organic” search engine listings, a website that has natural and sponsored results converts more clicks” and is also more likely to be remembered the next time the user performs the same search. The result is higher traffic volume to your site and an increased visitor conversion.

What you’re Google AdWords Qualified consultant can do for you:

  • PPC Search Engine Marketing & PPC Consultation
    PPC is not always the ideal solution for your website’s marketing initiatives. Find out if PPC is the right online marketing vertical for your business, or if your marketing budget may be better off invested in other areas of your website to accelerate sales and leads conversion.
  • Keyword Research
    Determined the goals of your PPC campaign, they will research which keywords and search terms your target market customers use when they are looking for or ready to purchase your product. Determine the keywords competition and recommend a daily budget that will maximize your returns.
  • Landing Page Content Writing & Optimization
    With Google and other top search engines implementing “Quality Scores” for paid listings, unique, well-written and optimized content is critical to search engine marketing success. This is true for both organic and paid listings. Using your business objectives and keywords, Create multiple ad copies with a strong call to action. These different ad copies can also be tested in the various search engines to determine which lead to the best conversion results.
  • PPC Campaign Creation, PPC Campaign Optimization &Management
    Throughout the life of your PPC campaign, we monitor the progress of your campaign. Should any adjustments need to be made, changes will be implemented immediately. This could include, but is not limited to:

    • addition / deletion or replacement of keywords
    • improving or “tweaking” existing ad copy
    • revised budget recommendations.
  • Monitoring
    Monitor your Pay Per Click listings and results to identify any potential click fraud, trademark infringement and other potential competitor threats.

Adwords Process how to apply

We will check your web site in 1-2 business day and find the strategy.
We will contact with you. Checking background / price / Pay Pal payment process.
We will analyze and find your keywords and build the adwords targeting program and run it .
Every month we will contact with you to see how our campaign strategy work
in Google and with your business.

What specifically do you get?

  • Keyword generation – our f expert analyze search engines and choose the keywords that are going to generate you relevant leads to your site.
  • Advertising text – we use professional online copywriters to create a text ad for your website to attract customers.
  • Save time– our automated systems connect directly with the search engines to bid on keywords and upload your sponsored links.
  • Fixed budget – you choose the budget so you know exactly what you will spend each month, all backed by a guarantee.
  • First hand – when a customer clicks your sponsored link they go straight through to your website and not reach any other online directory.
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