How to perform keywords research and make competitor analyses

Performing a keyword research was never an easy task. Competitor analyses can be a most complex process that requires a lot of analytics skills.

SEMRSUH.COM has a huge database hundreds of millions of historic keywords and assign them to website, thy tracking this keyword data by monthly basis. Every month they will scan top 20 positions on Google across major countries like US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Russia and more (total of 22 countries). Semrush database is so big and extensive so Google can backtrack and verify if their algorithm targets the right keywords/sites.
There are different variations how to use Semrush data.

Analyzing specific site
When analyzing a specific site, usually Semrush it shows the total number of monthly keywords and shows every keyword it’s found in top 20 with their corresponding URL.
Remember that that is not a position tracking tool, and to track the keyword position we will recommend using other tracking tool, like Searchmetrics.
Well, so what’s Semrush is allowed us to see:
First, and the most important is a keyword data, yes its show all different keywords for the domain and the most important part that is allowed to see these data by position ranking and Volume. Usually Volume it’s a monthly data that should be similar to Google Adwords keyword data.

As well for All Adwords lovers, it has CPC column, where it show the average price for that keyword.

For that example we show Amazon keywords, so for CPC 0.04 cent a click with volume of 55,600,000 for Amazon their branded keyword worth $2,224,000
That simple calculator helps to determent average price for keyword spend.
Another valuable metrics is a total number of monthly keywords to track. That allows constantly report and track keywords performance,

comparing that total prom month to month helps you understand your site performance and check historical data:

Analyzing site Competitors:

Known competitors you will need to enter in the search bar and verify their keywords and ranking performance
Semrush also helps you to identify your site competitors, just choose one from the list.

The most important work is going to be around the Keywords, so click on “Full Report” button and export it when you need to friendly format CSV /PDF

Domain vs Domain tracking is allow to verify witch keyword shared together between different domains

How to find strong pages on the site and help to find a Url for link building

Another powerful functionality for Semrush is to help identify strong pages.
Basically, we know that is important for link building to link from relevance content. Many times webmaster not aware about their site rankings ,

in that case, you just will need to perform competitor analyses of the domain and check for the keywords with much higher volume
For example, you asking for link and your business is located in LasVegas, the best performing URL to ask to link from is going to be a LasVegas page

As well is easy to check if domain worth a link, in case it has very low keyword visibility or none. Probably you will stay away from that site.

Don’t forget to use internalization and choose your country keyword. That is very powerful when you need to find country specific link and rank.

Semrush constantly is updating and adding new tools

Visit Semrsush

Set up a free account on their website & enter the promotional code “89MW-YR43-HFNJ-K94M”

For full disclosure, SEM Rush has been an SEO Book partner for years, as we have licensed their API to use in our competitive research tool. They also have an affiliate program & we are paid if you become a paying customer, however, we do not get paid for recommending their free trial & their free trial doesn’t even require giving them a credit card, so it literally is a no-risk free trial.

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How to Upgrade free account to SEMRUSH Free Trial account?

If you already have a free account with them, you can still upgrade and try 14 days completely free Agency account of SEMRUSH. All you need to do is, login to the free account and follow this link and add your payment info and your account will be upgraded. Like I said, you can cancel your account anytime by going to My account > Profile. Though, as a user, I doubt you might like to cancel this awesome SEO tool after trying it for 14 days.

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