Skype list for affiliate network –

The list is sorted by alphabetical order of network name.
This directory is for: Affiliate networks, traffic networks, and any other products/services relevant to the affiliate marketing industry.

A4D – Contact: Jason Atakiff. STM Username: Smaxor. Skype: live:jasona_33

Above All Offers – Contact: Eli Aloisi. STM Username: Eli. Skype: eli_abovealloffers

Ad Attraction – Contact: Andrew Eltorkey. STM Username: adatrax. Skype: Eltorkeyy

Addiliate – Contact: Christoph Brughmans. STM Username: cbrughmans. Skype: christoph_brughmans1

Ad Exchange Group – Contact: Arthur Lee. STM Username: ArthurLee_AEG. Skype: arthura4d

Adperio – STM Username: adperioschack. Skype: JenAdperio. Email:

Adsimilis – Contact:Vladimir Rusyayev – STM Username vladadsim – Skype vladimir.rusyayev

Ads2Leads– Contact: Jay Oxenham, STM Username: jayoxenham, Skype: oxenham15

Advidi – Contact: Fabrizio Manese. STM Username: advidi_yougetlaid. Skype: adivid.fabrizio

AdVolve – Contact : Matt Walters. STM Username: MJDUB. Skype: advolvematt

Adzone Media Group – Contact: Dan Soker. STM Username: adzonemg. Skype: dan_soker

AffiliaXe – Contact: Guy Goldberg. STM Username: esaffx. Skype: affiliaxeguy.

Affshark – Contact: Nick Solos. STM Username: nick_shark. Skype: Nick. Email:

Almobi – Contact: Andreatang, STM Username:laoba2006,

Aoo – Contact: Aola Sahidin. STM Username: aolasahidin. Skype: mr.online2402

AppThis – Contact: Josh Krogh. STM Username: msobejim. Skype: krashkrogh

Avazu – Contact: Guus Esbir. STM Username: Shmokey. Skype: guus.esbir

Big Bang Ads – Contact: Vincent Jouvin. STM Username: bba_apac. Skype: vincent.jouvin

BitterStrawberry – Contact: Tommy Johnson. STM Username: tommybitterstrawberry. Skype: tommyjohnson88

Brus Meida: Contact: Captain Wang. STM Username: captain_brusmedia. Skype: captainbrusmedia

BryghtAds – Contact: Chris Gildrie, STM Username: ducucch2, Skype: bryghtadschris

Cashed Out Media – Contact: Mike Pacheco. STM Username: mikepceo. Skype: mikepceo

ChineseAN – Contact: Ryan. STM Username: iamsuen. Skype: skype.rsue

ClickDealer – Contact: Ross. STM Username: alice_cd. Skype: ross.cld09

CPAFuel Contact: Emin. STM Username: bigbosspub Skype: cpafuelemin

CPATrend – Contact: Philip Shapiro. STM Username: PhilipShapiro. Skype: Phillychzsteak

Direct Focus Online – Contact: Pascal. STM Username: milobanski. Skype: pascal_directfocus

ExpertMobi – Contact : Jody Walsh. STM Username: expertmobi. Skype: supportexpertmobi,

Express Revenue – Contact : Joey Hinkle, Lauren Griner. STM Username: expressrevenueinc. Skype: expressrevenueinc. Email:

F5 Media – Contact: Henry Whitfield. STM Username: HenryF5. Skype: HenryF5Media.

FeebboDigital – Contact : Ursula. STM Username: canary. Skype: live:ursula_1099

FurtherMobi – Contact: James Murray. STM username: furthermobi. Skype: jamesm.furthermobi

G4Offers – Contact: Mark. STM Username: G4offers_Mark. Skype: g4offers.mark

Get Offers Direct – Contact: Ian Usher. STM Username: getoffersdirectteam Skype: ian.ush

Glispa – Contact: Jeet Thakkar. STM Username: Glispa Team. Skype:

GreedyGame – Contact: Arpit Jain, STM username:arpitjain, Skype: aj.iitrpr

GuruMedia – Contact: Adam Latiff. STM Username: adamlatiff. Skype: adam-venus

HyperTarget Marketing – Contact: Eric Evans – STM Username: hypertargeteric – Skype: ericevans310

InterG Media – Contact: Greg Wasik. STM Username: InterGMediaGreg. Skype: Greg.Wasik101

Jumbleberry – Contact: Billy Stout. STM Username: Thestout. Skype: billy.stout1

Kimia – Contact: Marina López. STM Username: MarinaKimia. Skype: mlopezarranz

Kingmobi – Contact: Tony. STM Username: kingmobi. Skype: tonyhou101

Leadnomics – Contact: Nick Sclafani. STM Username: Chino3020. Skype: nick.sclafani.lnx

LeadReaktor – Contact: Nikita. STM Username: LeadReaktor. Skype: Nikita_reakt

Leadsbox – Contact: Michael Khaletsky. STM username: michael khaletsky. Skype: leadsbox

Linking Networks – Contact: Ivan Pereverzev. STM Username: cheekydevil. Skype: ivan.pereverzev89

Madrivo – Contact: Reanna Cairns. STM Username: = madrivo. Skype:

Magic8Media – Contact: Oded Abbou. STM Username: Oded Abbou. Skype: affilippc

Matomy:Eric Famoso (Skype: ericfamoso_matomy)

Mobifreak – Contact: Tommy Johnson. STM Username: tommybitterstrawberry. Skype: tommyjohnson88

Mobvista – Contact: Sarah/Swim/Amei. STM Username: edmondwu. Skype: muyufei1990

Moomediagroup – Contact: Amit Sharma. Skype: mooamit

Motainment (w2mobile) – Contact: Chris. STM Username: chriskross. Skype: chenseler.

MUNDOmedia – Contact: Arjun Sharma. STM Username: mundoarjun. Skype: mundoarjun

Oasis Ads Media – Contact: Matthew Top. STM Username: jayelvee. Skype: matthewtopa

Offerconversion – Contact: Daniel Cole – STM Username: offerconversion – Skype: live:daniel_a_cole

OfferGrind – Contact: Scott Conley – STM Username: OfferGrindScott – Skype: scott.offergrind

ProfitKingsMedia – Contact: Yousif Yalda. STM Username: grindhard. Skype: PKMYousif

Reflexcash – Contact: Romain Cabarat, STM Username: romain_reflexcash. Skype: romain-reflexcash

RevenueWire/AffiliateWire – Contact: Samantha Brachat. STM Username: revenuewire_am. Skype: samantha.brachat. Email:

RingPartner – Contact: Mike Williams. STM Username: ringpartner. Skype: RingPartnerMike

Rsqu – Contact: Anthony Ramirez. STM Username: tono. Skype: madvertist. Email:

Sinum Vendo – Contact: Bobby Verlaat. STM Username: Sinum Vendo. Skype: bobby.verlaat1

Stealth Media – Contact: Shaun Groomes. STM Username: Groomez. Skype: sgroomes

Themobiadz – Contact: Ankit. STM Username: adaptiveakki. Skype: adaptiveakki. Email:

Together Networks – Contact: Alex Liman. STM Username: casual_dating_offers. Skype:

ORO Advertising – Contact: Anaïs López. STM Username: TORO Advertising. Skype: toroadvertising

VIPOffers– Contact : Justin Cereals. STM Username: vipoffers. Skype: ce.justin

WinningSeven – Contact: Manpreet. STM Username: winningseven. Skype: live:manpreet.mmig

Wuzzon – Contact: Ahilya Elbers. STM Username: Wuzzon. Skype: ahilyaelbers

YeahMobi: Contact: Captain Wang. STM Username: captainyeahmobi. Skype: captainyeahmobi


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